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High school websites
City websites
County websites
Find cheapest gas price
Income tax refund status IRS and states
Pay parking ticket, traffic ticket, or municipal fine online
Renew driver's license online
Search for unclaimed tax refund
Search for unclaimed property
Search for unclaimed pension benefits
Ask a Tax Expert
File income taxes online
Get government forms and instructions
Get IRS forms and instructions
Get state tax forms and instructions
Purchase hunting and fishing license online
Pay property tax online
Pay utility bills online
Time - Official time in your area
View airline on-time statistics
Check U.S. airport current status
Foreign travel warnings and advise
Traffic and road closure information
Check air quality in your area
Order birth, death, marriage, or divorce certificate online
Buy postage stamps online
Zip code directory
Buy coins from the U.S. mint
Buy U.S. Savings Bonds online
Buy U.S. Treasury Bills, Notes, and Bonds online
Government loans
Shop at the Smithsonian Institution
Apply for a passport
Reserve campsite at a national park
Federal asset sales auction information
Apply for social security benefits online
Request a social security statement online
Apply for a social security card
Estimate Social Security benefits
Apply for Federal student financial aid
File patent application
File trademark application
Register with Selective Service System
Ben's guide to the US Government for kids
Federal Statistics
Consumer product recall information
Minimum wage law
USDA list of local farmers markets
Find government services near you
Police auctions online
Health Finder.gov, reliable health information from the US Government
Consumer.gov, consumer information from the US Government
Government job opportunities
Resources for fighting terrorism, anthrax
Other government online services
High school websites
Miscellaneous government info
Popular Web Searches
eXTReMe Tracker

E-Government Access is a comprehensive directory of federal, state, and local online government transactions. If you know of a government web page that we should be linking to please send us an e-mail and let us know. And thanks for visiting our site. 


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